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Typically, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is treated with medications combined with behavioral therapy. They have been proven effective to some ADHD patients but were also found to not work well for a number of ADHD individuals. Apart from this, ADHD medications may bring about the onset of side effects which may be harmful to the ADHD patient’s health.

You do not have to undergo the hassles that may result when your child takes medications and suffer from side effects. There are ADHD alternative treatments that you may use in addressing the problem of ADHD symptoms in your child.

One ADHD alternative treatment which is found to be beneficial in an ADHD individual is the EEG Neurofeedback or commonly known as biofeedback.  This method of treatment has been used to address the problem of ADHD for over 25 years. The effectiveness of this alternative treatment has been attested by many parents and by some published studies.

Studies have shown that several symptoms of adhd child in children are associated with the food they eat every day. Thus, diet therapy is used by some to treat the symptoms of ADHD. This alternative treatment restricts some food in an ADHD patient’s diet and encourages the inclusion of foods which are rich in fatty acids and low in sugar levels.

Vision therapy is another ADHD alternative treatment. This kind of treatment is based on the concept that children who have ADHD have problems reading for extended periods or may not be able to concentrate on what they are reading at all. With the help of vision therapy, a child can have enhanced focus on reading and can have improved academic skills.

Auditory stimulation is another alternative method of ADHD treatment. Children are made to listen to music, preferably classical music, while performing a task. This has been proven to be effective in helping children focus on their tasks. However, this may be considered as a method of helping ADHD children to complete a task rather than an actual method of treating the disorder.

Still another alternative method of treating ADHD is the interactive metronome approach. This method was proven to have positive results by a recent study. It was shown to have considerable improvements in the reading, writing, and language skills of children who have ADHD.  

Nutritional and herbal supplements are also used in treating ADHD. The use of these supplements as treatment for ADHD is based on theories that ADHD symptoms are caused by the lack of certain nutrients and minerals in the body. As of this writing, there have been no clinical data to back up the claims that giving ADHD patients doses of vitamin C and other minerals can indeed treat the symptoms.

Other alternative treatments include chiropractic care, antimotion sickness medications, candida yeast treatment, and cerebellar training. While these treatments may be effective in addressing the problem on ADHD, however, their effectiveness and their use as treatment remain controversial as there are no scientific bases to support the claims.

ADHD alternative treatments may indeed be helpful for some ADHD patients while for some, they may not work at all. Nonetheless, these methods are worth trying, especially that they may not result to any harmful side effects. They are also less expensive than prescription drugs.

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