How To Build Business Relationships On Social Networking Sites

If you are use any social media for your MLM business then you must know how to build business relationships online. You see it’s very easy to lose sight of the fact that you are dealing with real people when relationship building from behind your computer screen.

I want to share with you an experience that happened to me this week when online about relationship building and the misconceptions that some people have about building relationships.

When I am on Facebook I always leave my chat box switched on, if we are friends on Facebook then please say Hi and let’s have a chat. I like it when I am working away and somebody wants to start a conversation with me towards the end of the day. To me this is the first step in build business relationships and a great time to meet new people.

So I was online when the chat box popped up with the standard “Hi” which I responded to. Now usually there is a bit of chit-chat about the family or where we are from which is great and is all about building relationships.

However after the first Hi, I got a message back asking if I was in XYZ Company. Now I know what this means, it’s either a) tell me which company you’re really in or b) great join my business because we have the best comp plan, vitamin, forced matrix going.

This guy wanted neither at first. Now I had not heard of the company so asked if he was part of it and he said no, he then gave me the name of the company he was with and tried to get me to join. When I pointed out that he had not bothered to attempt to start to build business relationship as he didn’t know me he replied that he did in fact know me.

He had based what he had found on my profile as building a relationship with me and assumed that was all that was needed. Building effective business relationships virtual roundtables takes time and effort. If you want better business relationships then you need to talk to people and find out more about them.

A social media profile will only tell you so much about a person. Actually talking to them will reveal a whole lot more. You cannot make an assumption that just because it says internet marketing on their profile they will jump on board with you.

When I am building business relationships I always like to keep in mind F.O.R.M which is Family, Occupation, Recreation and Message. This has really helps me keep things in a logical order when talking with somebody.

Also if you follow that path the person you are talking with will feel like you want to get to know them and not pitch them your business opportunity. Because you have a good relationship with that person you stand a much better chance of them wanting to join your business in the future.

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