How To Find The Best Sunglasses For Driving

Sunglasses aren’t just for the summer and they’re not just a fashion statement. Sunglasses protect our eyes and also make driving safer by blocking out the sun. Choosing the right pair of shades for the road are different than when choosing the sunglasses for the beach, for a stroll in the park or for sports. Below are a few things you should look for when selecting sunglasses for driving. Make sure to choose a good quality pair of off white sunglasses to keep yourself and the roads a safer place for all drivers.

Don’t get lenses that are too dark. These might look great when you’re lying on the beach or doing some other sedentary activity, but dark lenses can greatly reduce the clarity of your vision and change your perception of color. Lenses in other wilder colors like red and yellow are also not a good choice for driving sunglasses, since they greatly change color perception. The best color lenses for driving are gray and brown. These colors help to reduce glare and don’t change your perception of colors.

Get anti-reflective or polarized sunglasses. It can be very scary to have a glare while you’re driving to the point where you really can’t see much. Polarized or anti-reflective lenses reduce glare which happens most often from the hood of a car. Polarized sunglasses are also great to have if you’re doing an activity near the water, such as fishing or taking a walk near a pond, since the water is also a major cause of glare. If you wear prescription glasses, then you can also get prescription polarized sunglasses. If you have a favorite pair of frames, you can always change the lens for better quality, prescription, anti-reflective and polarized.

Get sunglasses with UV ray protection. You may not see the UV rays, but they can still hurt your eyes even while you’re driving. Sunglasses with UV ray protection is especially important for people who drive for long periods of time in the sun. Without UV ray protection, over time your eye sight will diminish and serious vision problems can occur. Make sure your sunglasses have at least 99% UV ray protection.

Make sure your sunglasses fit well. Wearing sunglasses that always slip off your nose is annoying but it’s also dangerous while driving. Don’t let your sunglasses be a distraction to you while driving. Make sure to find a pair that stay on well and the frames don’t irritate your nose and ears.

Have a pair of sunglasses that you keep in your car only. Leave them in your glove compartment and leave them in there only for driving. Have another pair in your purse that you can take with you. It’s good to get wholesale sunglasses so you can get all different pairs like costume sunglasses in different frames and styles, and you can leave a pair in your car, purse, house, office, and wherever you usually go.

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